I’m A Professional Developer

I provide ingenious solutions to solve people’s problems

I’m Alfredo, currently taking the Computer Information Technology (CIT) program at BCIT. I grew up in Mexico City where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Iberoamericana. I came to Vancouver looking for opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

I’ve always had an interest in technology, facinated by how easy it could be used to perform a specific task, and how it solves everyday problems in new ways through a combination of hardware and software.
I’ve asked questions like “How did my first calculator work?” and “How do elevators work?”. I’ve have wondered about how all of the computers and sensors inside a car work all fit together to form a working whole. Because of my interest in the way things work, I decided to study Computer and Electronic engineering to learn the foundations of how electronic circuits are made and how they can “give life” to not only computers, but many of the electronic devices around us.
Once in university, I discovered machines can be programmed to behave the way humans want. At that moment my interest for software grew and became something of a polyglot of computer programming languages.